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Maine Governor Janet Mills hugs two Somali invaders

Things are starting to look pretty bleak for Maine.

Democrat Janet Mills was inaugurated as the state’s first female governor yesterday. In keeping with her delusional belief that “free healthcare is for everyone”, she’s already signed a Medicaid expansion that will funnel even more taxpayer money to the Somali community through the Department of Health and Human Services.

During her inauguration speech, Mills said her mission as governor would be to recruit “new Mainers” (because the old ones are too old and white) and tax the ones who already live here under the auspices of reducing the Earth’s temperature (because Mainers need a colder planet, apparently). “Enough with studies, talk and debate. It is time to act! We’re all in this together”, she said as she hugged two third world invaders who showed up five seconds ago. Easy for her to say when she doesn’t have to pay the costs associated with what she advocates.

There’s no way this is going to bode well for the demographics, culture, or economy of Maine.

We’ll also be getting into the geopolitical news of the week.

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