S o T o S p e a k | Ep. 18 | Killing Dissent

The anit-white left and the Jews who control it aren’t fucking around when it comes to stomping out those who oppose their agenda. If they can’t kill the means by which you propagate information they don’t like, they’ll just kill you.

Skeptical of man’s role in climate change? They want you dead. Don’t think white, western countries should be forced to absorb half of the third world? They want you dead. Don’t think Hillary Clinton should be able to get away with selling political favors, rigging the 2016 Democratic primaries against Bernie Sanders, or using the government to spy on an electoral opponent? They want you dead. Have information that proves Russia is being blamed for the actions of Seth Rich? They want you dead. Think white people have a right to exist as white people and be left alone in the countries their forebears settled and built from scratch? They want you dead. Think disparities in intelligence and outcomes between racial groups are more a product of biology than environment? They want you dead. Believe in conservative or Christian values? They want you dead. Think gender and race are a function of genetics and biology? They want you dead. Believe in private property rights and the right to keep and bear arms?

They want you dead.

Welcome to episode EIGHTEEN of So to Speak w/ Jared Howe.

S o T o S p e a k | Ep. 17 | Due Process Second

It’s episode SEVENTEEN of So to Speak w/ Jared Howe and I’m wrestling my jimmies back into their locked and unrustled position after Trump’s comments yesterday on gun control.

Needless to say, the J-left was chomping at the bit over the prospect of banning semi-automatic rifles and increasing the legal age for firearm purchases, but none were more excited than Diane Feinstein, who was seen wringing her filthy chicken-swinging hands in glee.

So we’ll be covering that, but we’ll also be going over the recent happenings at the Federal Reserve, doing some Wakanda posting, and checking in on Marine Le Pen’s situation in France where she’s being charged with criminal penalties for calling out ISIS online.

S o T o S p e a k | Ep. 16 | Weaponized Autism

It’s the SIXTEENTH episode of So to Speak and I have some news that will surely floor you. You might want to make sure you’re sitting for this.

Are you ready?

All right. Here it is: Antifa is recruiting the mentally ill.

I know, I know. All the imagination in the world probably can’t process your shock. One would think that the overwhelming presence of dickgirls and soyboys in their organization would have been a dead giveaway but apparently the autistic screeching and gender dysphoria was too subtle an indicator.

So yeah… They’ve got a manifesto for recruiting the mentally ill and weaponizing autism. I’ll be reading a bit of that. I’ll also be reading a scREEEEEEd about me from over at AngryWhiteMen dot org and covering the recent theater shooting incident by a Wakandan in North Carolina.

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S o T o S p e a k | Ep. 15 | Chocolate Milk

Welcome to the FIFTEENTH episode of So to Speak with Jared Howe.

Every time I think there’s no way for Republicans to outcuck themselves, they prove me wrong. Bruce Rauner, Republican Governor of Illinois, dropped an accidental red pill this week when he became an enthusiastic participant in what was apparently intended to be a pep-talk on the alleged benefits of racial diversity within corporations but ended as a cautionary tale about the risks of forced miscegenation.

Tyronne Stoudemire, an “inclusion and diversity” (i.e. “dispossession of white people”) executive for Hyatt Hotels, enlisted the governor as his “assistant” during his lecture at a Black History Month event in Chicago, during which the pair poured and mixed a glass of chocolate milk as an analogy to demonstrate how “diversity”, represented by chocolate syrup, “sits at the bottom” until you “mix things up”, at which point he instructed the governor to mix the syrup and milk, thereby turning it brown. 

Stoudemire advised the audience that he didn’t expect the governor to drink the chocolate milk, but… well, I’ll spare you the spoilers but your shock will most certainly be imagined. I’ve also got some more on the whole “mental health as a pretext to bypass the second amendment” bit the media is doing, as well as a piece from the Root that I’m sure you’ll love.

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S o T o S p e a k | Ep. 14 | Blue Papered

Uh oh, goys. Dana Loesch almost got burned at the stake yesterday during a CNN town hall event. Well, at least the shitlibs SAID they were going to burn her. The transgression? She ONLY wanted stricter restrictions on gun purchases and an expansion of the “blue paper” system used in many states to deny gun ownership rights to people who are merely suspected of “being a danger to themselves and others”.

I guess that’s what she gets for not joining the lynch mob in their calls for door to door gun confiscation.

“Danger to themselves and others”. Pay attention to that phrase, goys. It’s Jew-speak from the DSM psychiatric handbook for “anyone who makes it harder for Jews to subvert your country”. If we aren’t careful, racism, nationalism, fascism, white privilege, and being white will all end up in the DSM next to “oppositional defiance disorder” and you’ll lose your gun rights over it.

So we’ll be covering that but we’ve got a lot more on the docket, too: Harvard under fire for hiring (((white))) president, Medium purges Cernovich, Loomer and others, anti-white racists spray paint house of white(?) child, and a crisis actor who says he’s not a crisis actor.

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