S o T o S p e a k | Ep. 627 | The Truth About Insurrection

The left never lets the facts get in the way of the narrative, do they?

FBI Director Christopher Wray, who sat on his hands while Antifa and BLM rioted almost 300 times last year to the tune of $2 billion in property damage, perjured himself recently when he testified that there is “no evidence” of Antifa involvement at the January 6th demonstration at the U.S. Capitol.

Oh really? What about John Sullivan then? What about the more than two dozen people who admitted to it? It takes a lot of effort to step over ACTUAL insurrections to paint law-abiding Trump supporters as rioters, yet here we are.

So what are the FACTS about January 6th and insurrection in the United States? Who is really responsible for the brunt of the violence and extremism in this country?

We’re going to explore the question with a special Friday deep dive!

This is EPISODE 627 of So to Speak w/ Jared Howe!

S o T o S p e a k | Ep. 626 | Down Ballot Election Fraud

It looks like Mike Lindell has been partially vindicated by a case of election fraud down in Tennessee.

A judge in Aberdeen ordered a do-over for a local run-off election after determining that a whopping 78% of mail-in ballots were deemed to be fraudulent. The Notary who signed off on the ballots, Dallas Jones, has been arrested and is now in police custody.

Lindell has been dealing massive quantities of Hopium of late, saying even as recently as Sunday that Trump will be back in the White House “long before 2024” as the result of the courts overturning the 2020 election. And while the case in Aberdeen demonstrates that it is in fact possible for elections to be overturned, it still seems unlikely that this will ever happen at the Federal level.

We’ll see what happens though!

Also: Nancy Pelosi shut down today’s session of Congress over “concerns about pro-Trump riots”, but the only riots planned for the next few days are the ones currently being advertised by Antifa on Twitter.

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This is EPISODE 626 of So to Speak w/ Jared Howe!

S o T o S p e a k | Ep. 625 | Gab Gets Hacked by Communists

Gab has been under assault by communists for years due to its platforming of white people who are right of Elizabeth Warren, but the attacks against the platform escalated last week when communist hackers stole over 70 Gigs of private data.

Gab CEO Andrew Torba says the group responsible, DDoSecrets, attempted to extort him for half a million dollars. Naturally, the communists in the media are celebrating as though they got his scalp.

In reality, this is likely just a temporary setback for the company. The timing was interesting though as Torba had just published an article last week about how Christians were under attack. It apparently rubbed someone the wrong way that he referred to us as God’s Chosen People.

Why would OLIGARCHS be mad about that?

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This is EPISODE 625 of So to Speak w/ Jared Howe!

S o T o S p e a k | Ep. 624 | Ratcheting Up the War on Whites

We’re not even two months into the Biden administration and already the entirety of the permanent Washington establishment is seeking to expand its ongoing war on white males who haven’t  literally cut their dicks off.

Who could have predicted this?

As Stefan Molyneux says, cancel culture is a dress rehearsal for mass murder. He’s 100% right. Now that white males aren’t able to publicly defend themselves from accusations of racism and bigotry, the Biden administration wants to press forward with classifying their very existence as terrorism. After all, white silence is violence, as is hate speech. You’re violent if you speak; you’re violent if you don’t speak.

It’s a Catch-22.

The only thing giving these leftists even a little bit of pause is the possibility that a domestic war on terror could be used against ACTUAL terrorists in BLM and Antifa.

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This is EPISODE 624 of So to Speak w/ Jared Howe!

S o T o S p e a k | Ep. 623 | Trump Won By a Lot

If this year’s CPAC taught us anything, it’s that Neocons aren’t going to be able to maintain their grasp on the levers of power within the GOP.

Trump has permanently changed the trajectory of the party.

Trump gave his first speech since January 6th last night and it was a real barn burner. He certainly doesn’t carry himself like someone who lost an election, probably because he didn’t. The crowd seemed to agree. They went back and forth between chanting “we love you” and “you won” during his speech.

It’s almost as though the deep state establishment and its media mouthpieces have torched all of their own remaining political capital and credibility…

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This is EPISODE 623 of So to Speak w/ Jared Howe!