S o T o S p e a k | Ep. 438 | Unite the Right was a Honey Pot

unite the right christopher cantwell eric striker mike enoch charlottesville hoax honeypot

If you’ve been wanting an update on political prisoner Christopher Cantwell, this is the episode you’ve been waiting for.

For today’s episode, we’re going to be speaking with Chris regarding his recent bond motion and the broader implications that the discovery file in his current case, once unsealed, might have for the former movement known as the Alt-Right, the 2020 election, and the official story about Charlottesville.

Once we finish speaking with him, we’re going to read the motion itself and then cover all the latest news regarding the 2017 Unite the Right Rally, which is still used by the left as a political cudgel to this day, and which will almost certainly be news again come November.

If what Chris has to say is any indication, the scandal here might be on the same scale as the one that led to the railroading of Michael Flynn.

This is EPISODE 438 of So to Speak w/ Jared Howe!

S o T o S p e a k | Ep. 437 | Laughing While You Suffer

cuomo brothers chris andrew nose test wu flu corona chan holocough holocost weimar

It sure does seem like a lot of the strongest proponents of mandatory mass house arrest were raised to believe in Tikkun olam — the Cuomo brothers included, despite their supposed lack of Jewish ancestry.

It’s interesting that people who see themselves as “being responsible” for the physical and spiritual well-being of the world would laugh about the size of their own noses after enacting and supporting policies that killed thousands of elderly nursing home patients while destroying the domestic economy.

Real fuckin’ funny…

This isn’t an isolated incident, by any means. The Jewish leaders of the Weimar Republic likewise took pleasure in the suffering they inflected on the German population through sexual depravity and hyper-inflation — all in the name of Tikkun olam.

And speaking of Tikkun olam, we’re also going to be diving into the mailbag to discuss the tattered remnants of the libertarian movement.

This is EPISODE 437 of So to Speak w/ Jared Howe!


S o T o S p e a k | Ep. 436 | The ADL Targets Gamers

trans deer steph adl gamers rise up

The ADL has been saying that “online hate” in the gaming space is a “new” phenomenon since at least 2002 — probably earlier.

The ADL, which was founded to defend a Jewish pedophile, is SUPER CONCERNED about hard r’s and f-bombs on gaming platforms. They don’t want HATEFUL IDEOLOGY to spread through the use of racial, ethnic, and sexual pejoratives.

To combat this, they encourage companies to adopt community standards that exclude so-called “toxic extremists” in the name of inclusivity. They point to Roblox as being the perfect example of what they mean — you know, the game pedophiles use to groom, meet up with, and commit sex crimes against children.

Moral of the story? Dirty words bad; sex crimes against children good. Hey, at least the ADL is consistent in their defense and promotion of pedophilia! They’re apparently also promoting “trans deer” as the highest ideal to which a straight, white male can aspire. The ADL: censoring dirty words and encouraging guys to chop their dicks off — all in the name of keeping the internet safe for pedophiles!

This is EPISODE 436 of So to Speak w/ Jared Howe!

S o T o S p e a k | Ep. 435 | Pedo Joe Came to Sniff Kids and Grab Pussy

pedo joe howard stern jeffrey epstein james alefontis

Grab her by the pussy!

Pedo Joe came to sniff your kids and grab intern pussy — and he’s all out of intern pussy.

Trump Jr. shared a few #PedoJoe memes over the weekend and the media is acting like it’s the first time Bloody Eye Joe has ever sustained such criticism. According to Biden and the media, no one ever accused him of being a pedophile until Trump Jr. came along and shared a couple memes.

Do you believe that? Because last I checked, Trump Jr. was a bit of a meme killer. By the time he gets his hands on a meme, it’s been stale for years.

Regardless, openly degenerate Jews like Howard Stern were falling all over themselves to hit back at Trump Jr. (which doesn’t really help Biden’s case much), but their comebacks were even more stale than Trump Jr’s memes. Biden, on the other hand, responded by accusing Trump Sr. of AnTi-SeMiTiSm, tacitly affirming that criticism of pedophilia is implicitly anti-Semitic.

We’ll be talking a lot about anti-Semitism today. Ben Shapiro is going to get us in the mood with a little rant about jUdEo-ChRiStIan VaLuEs.

This is EPISODE 435 of So to Speak w/ Jared Howe!

S o T o S p e a k | Ep. 434 | Zionist Jews Put Pedophiles Before White Evangelicals

zuckerberg epstein weinstein dershowitz facebook

You have no constitutional right to open your business or not be vaccinated, argues “constitutional lawyer” Alan Dershowitz, who once defended convicted pedophile Jeffrey Epstein’s “constitutional right” to sexually assault and traffick underage girls to American politicians on behalf of the Israeli Mossad.

It’s almost as though constitutional rights are whatever Zionist Jews define them as in any given moment.

In that same vein… Facebook is apparently so preoccupied with its mission of “fighting hate speech” (i.e. censoring all straight white males who don’t hate themselves from the internet) that it took them almost 48 hours to remove a 10,000 member group devoted to pedophilia.

The media was silent for decades while Jewish millionaires and billionaires raped and trafficked white protestant children to American politicians, Facebook can’t be bothered to censor pedophilia in any reasonable amount of time, and the left is totally preoccupied with flooding the country with people from places where the average age of consent is 12 years old.

Meanwhile, Bill Gates, who was friends with Jeffrey Epstein and has been to pedophile island multiple times, is pushing for mandatory vaccines. And if you don’t comply? As former CDC chair Carol Baker puts it: “We’ll just get rid of all the whites in the United States.”

I feel like I’m starting to notice a pattern here…

We’ll also be checking in with political prisoner Christopher Cantwell.

This is EPISODE 434 of So to Speak w/ Jared Howe!