S o T o S p e a k | Ep. 14 | Blue Papered

Uh oh, goys. Dana Loesch almost got burned at the stake yesterday during a CNN town hall event. Well, at least the shitlibs SAID they were going to burn her. The transgression? She ONLY wanted stricter restrictions on gun purchases and an expansion of the “blue paper” system used in many states to deny gun ownership rights to people who are merely suspected of “being a danger to themselves and others”.

I guess that’s what she gets for not joining the lynch mob in their calls for door to door gun confiscation.

“Danger to themselves and others”. Pay attention to that phrase, goys. It’s Jew-speak from the DSM psychiatric handbook for “anyone who makes it harder for Jews to subvert your country”. If we aren’t careful, racism, nationalism, fascism, white privilege, and being white will all end up in the DSM next to “oppositional defiance disorder” and you’ll lose your gun rights over it.

So we’ll be covering that but we’ve got a lot more on the docket, too: Harvard under fire for hiring (((white))) president, Medium purges Cernovich, Loomer and others, anti-white racists spray paint house of white(?) child, and a crisis actor who says he’s not a crisis actor.

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