S o T o S p e a k | Ep. 18 | Killing Dissent

The anit-white left and the Jews who control it aren’t fucking around when it comes to stomping out those who oppose their agenda. If they can’t kill the means by which you propagate information they don’t like, they’ll just kill you.

Skeptical of man’s role in climate change? They want you dead. Don’t think white, western countries should be forced to absorb half of the third world? They want you dead. Don’t think Hillary Clinton should be able to get away with selling political favors, rigging the 2016 Democratic primaries against Bernie Sanders, or using the government to spy on an electoral opponent? They want you dead. Have information that proves Russia is being blamed for the actions of Seth Rich? They want you dead. Think white people have a right to exist as white people and be left alone in the countries their forebears settled and built from scratch? They want you dead. Think disparities in intelligence and outcomes between racial groups are more a product of biology than environment? They want you dead. Believe in conservative or Christian values? They want you dead. Think gender and race are a function of genetics and biology? They want you dead. Believe in private property rights and the right to keep and bear arms?

They want you dead.

Welcome to episode EIGHTEEN of So to Speak w/ Jared Howe.