S o T o S p e a k | Ep. 295 | Austere Religious Scholar

Washington Post has had to issue retractions after “hastily” defining ISIS pedophile, murderer, and terrorist al-Bagdhadi as an “Austere Religious Scholar”.

Can’t even make this shit up.

And yet it’s not atypical as far as elitist opinions in Washington go. The Neocons and Democrats are totally and predictably united in their opposition to the end of permanent military occupation of the entire planet. And that’s understandable. Without the American military to fight the battles of the banking class, who will protect the petrodollar’s status as world reserve currency? Who will carve up Syria and Iran for the creation of Greater Israel?

Because after all, nothing is more important than protecting the banking class or their aspirations to remake the Middle East in the image of God’s Chosen People. Blood and soil matter – at least in Israel.

Meanwhile in America, valuation of blood or soil is prima facie evidence of racism and intolerance. If you don’t think the blood and soil of Americans are interchangeable or that America is just an idea, you’re a bigot. Our Greatest Ally is excepted from such accusations by our ruling elites because Holocaust something something Loxism isn’t racism because white privilege and intersectionality something something.

This is EPISODE 295 of So to Speak w/ Jared Howe!