S o T o S p e a k | Ep. 436 | The ADL Targets Gamers

The ADL has been saying that “online hate” in the gaming space is a “new” phenomenon since at least 2002 — probably earlier.

The ADL, which was founded to defend a Jewish pedophile, is SUPER CONCERNED about hard r’s and f-bombs on gaming platforms. They don’t want HATEFUL IDEOLOGY to spread through the use of racial, ethnic, and sexual pejoratives.

To combat this, they encourage companies to adopt community standards that exclude so-called “toxic extremists” in the name of inclusivity. They point to Roblox as being the perfect example of what they mean — you know, the game pedophiles use to groom, meet up with, and commit sex crimes against children.

Moral of the story? Dirty words bad; sex crimes against children good. Hey, at least the ADL is consistent in their defense and promotion of pedophilia! They’re apparently also promoting “trans deer” as the highest ideal to which a straight, white male can aspire. The ADL: censoring dirty words and encouraging guys to chop their dicks off — all in the name of keeping the internet safe for pedophiles!

This is EPISODE 436 of So to Speak w/ Jared Howe!