S o T o S p e a k | Ep. 488 | More Epstein Documents Unsealed

It’s only been a few hours since they were published and we’re still waiting on copies of the depositions from the case, but unredacted documents related to Jeffrey Epstein from the 2015 defamation suit between Ghislaine Maxwell and Virginia Giuffre were just unsealed and released to the public.

There are about 2000 pages to go through, so information about the case should continue to trickle out for some time to come. For now, we’re going to start digging into what little has already been discovered.

Also: The leader of Bowl Patrol got red flagged in California in a first-of-its-kind case where his recent doxxing and online activity were used as a pretext to seize his firearm. Even more interesting though is that Eric Striker is encouraging people to go to bat for him without disclosing who he actually is, his connection to Bowl Patrol, the type of terrorist threats he posts to the internet, or his history of having seemingly been used by the Feds to entrap Christopher Cantwell.

One has to wonder how many SPLC articles will now be written about people who blindly defended Bowl Patrol without realizing what they were doing…

The way Striker tells it, “Vic Mackey” was targeted for “online racism” and having been doxxed by Antifa. In reality, “Mackey” and his cohorts in the Dylann Roof Fan Club have been threatening people on the left AND the right with murder and rape (including my wife and I) for years, which gives rise to a couple of questions… Why did the Feds step over him to get to Cantwell? Why didn’t they inform the California law enforcement agency that ultimately seized “Mackey’s” weapon of his presence in their community? Why did it ultimately fall on Antifa to do so?

You might not support Red Flag laws, but is this guy really a helpless victim thereof? Shouldn’t he take accountability for the actual threats he made online? Shouldn’t he be held responsible for going out of his way to give the government a pretext to red flag him? His behavior was irresponsible and reckless AT BEST, and downright subversive at worst. Does he not DESERVE the legal consequences of his actions REGARDLESS of the precedent?

We’ll discuss the question in further detail!

This is EPISODE 488 of So to Speak w/ Jared Howe!