S o T o S p e a k | Ep. 509 | Antifa Assassinates Trump Supporter

The last week has shown us exactly what the left has in mind when they demand “criminal justice reform.”

When a right-winger kills a leftist, it’s in self-defense against a literal mob of violent terrorists, and he is railroaded to the fullest extent of the law while the mob defames him on social media as a bigot and a murderer.

When a leftist kills a right-winger, the former ambushes the latter with a gang-style assassination, and the mob literally dances in the street while celebrating on social media.

This is the degree to which white males have been dehumanized in this country, and it will be cemented as a permanent status quo unless something is done about it NOW. I can understand if Trump wants to give the left enough rope to hang themselves, but they don’t hang high enough if you give them too much rope. If there has ever been a time to unleash Federal law enforcement and crush the antifascist mob, now is it.

We’ll also be speaking with political prisoner Christopher Cantwell and covering the latest in the story of Kyle Rittenhouse, the Ghost of Kenosha.

This is EPISODE 509 of So to Speak w/ Jared Howe!